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Austria to Join Sky Shield

Austria to join European airspace defense system Sky Shield Austrian Chancellor Nehammer speaks of a “drumbeat”. However, Austria’s participation has been under discussion for months. The Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) called it a “drumbeat in European defense policy” in its dispatch on Saturday. Austria is planning to join the European initiative for the Sky Shield […]

Problems inTourism

140,000 people leave their jobs in hospitality and tourism every year Many people in the UK blame Brexit for the lack of staff required for hospitality…but consider a country like Austria that depends heavily on hospitality and tourism. A new study in Austria shows that in no other industry is staff turnover as high as […]

Is Austria… Putin’s Alpine fortress?

It didn’t occur to the Austrian chamber of commerce that hosting a cozy networking event on the outskirts of Moscow might raise eyebrows in some quarters. As record cold gripped the Russian capital in January, the local chapter saw an opportunity to pierce the ennui of the snowbound winter with “a sporty Austrian Business Circle […]

Non-profits dampen private housing market

A study commissioned by the City of Vienna found a correlation between the market share of non-profits and private rents. Compared with the rent levels of private rented apartments, tenants of non-profit building associations save a cumulative total of around 1.2 billion euros per year – the Economic Research Institute (Wifo) already found this two […]

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