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Is this the future for houses?

Is this the future for houses? As land In Austria becomes less available! More storage space, less technology: where the trend in tiny houses could be heading. In view of high property prices, some people are thinking twice about buying a house. Some see a tiny house as an alternative. This form of living is […]

Solving the lack of building land

Solving the lack of building land is no easy task. But an Austrian company has a good concept to brinf more land onto the building market. Exchange land for an apartment Solving the lack of building land. A property developer undertakes the construction of apartments or houses. And the landowners receive a property in the […]

Is it a good time to buy property?

Austria Estate agents expect property prices to stagnate or continue falling. One of the factors is that more properties are coming onto the market and creating more competition. According to Real estate franchaise Remax there are 147,000 properties on the market. They surveyed 600 of their agents and found that a forecast for prices to […]

The Austria Property market has changed

The Austria Property market has changed The apartment building market, which was flourishing until recently, has almost come to a standstill. However, the fall in prices has not yet reached home buyers! For 15 years, property developers could hardly go wrong: Build apartments and sell them to buyers in a gradually rising market. To owner-occupiers […]

Austria takes softer stance on Romania, Bulgaria

Vienna proposes easier air travel in the EU for Bulgarians and Romanians, according to media reports. Austria’s interior minister indicated that the country’s objection to Romania and Bulgaria joining the Schengen area could be softened when it comes to air traffic.  Multiple Austrian media outlets have reported that Austrian Interior Minister Gerhard Karner is willing […]

Driving to Austria this Ski Season?

Driving to Austria: Since there are fast and well-maintained motorways throughout Central Europe, getting to Austria by car is simple, if you are coming from other European countries such as Holland, Norway, Denmark, begium etc. But for the UK driver, the first requirement is to get the ferry to France or Holland. Some useful information […]

Young people homeless at 18

Young people homeless at 18 Having to move out of their homes on their 18th birthday. For most young people in Austria, their 18th birthday is a reason to celebrate – finally independent, finally of age. But for some it is a sad day because their parents no longer feel responsible and they have to […]

Major Property bribery Corruption trial

Major Property bribery Corruption trial Wiener Wohnen corruption trial against 53 defendants begins on November 27 45 employees are alleged to have been “bribed” by the corporate network of a 58-year-old businessman. The total loss amounts to around 170,000 euros. Vienna – A major trial begins on November 27 at the Regional Court for Criminal […]

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