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Creative ways of financing property

27.09.23 Creative ways of financing property – The apartment is in Austria, but the loan comes from Germany The lending rules in Austria are stricter than in Germany, which is why apartment hunters also ask around at banks in the neighbouring country – or get creative in other ways. The dream of owning a home […]

Dispute over an Alpine pass

How a dispute over an Alpine pass turned into an EU-wide political headache Locals want fewer trucks; truckers and national politicians want uninterrupted cargo traffic; Brussels wants the problem to go away! STEINACH AM BRENNER, Austria — One of the European Union’s thorniest problems is right outside the Mayor Florian Riedl’s window. Within sight of […]

Property Prices drop in Austria

Property price drop Residential real estate will become around ten percent cheaper in 2023 and 2024 Property prices to drop in Austria. After rising by 30 percent since the pandemic, real estate prices are currently falling again – they are also losing value due to inflation. In 2021, anyone who took out a 30-year loan […]

Salzburg wants less mass tourism

Salzburg wants less mass tourism and longer stays The tourism model of the city of Mozart is to be updated. The ÖVP (Austria Peoples Party) wants to restrict souvenir stores, redirect traffic – and backs an SPÖ ( Social Democratic Party) demand. The masses of tourists push their way through the famous Getreidegasse shopping street, […]

New holiday apartment rental laws

Apartments may now only be rented to tourists for 90 days in Vienna Vienna’s building regulations are being tightened: the rental of Airbnb apartments is to be further restricted. Exceptions must be applied for. The tourist industry is pleased Around 7.5 million overnight stays were recorded in Vienna in the first half of 2023, meaning […]

Austria reduces asylum seeker numbers

Austria reduces asylum seeker numbers The number of deportations of asylum seekers from Austria, in the first half of this year, has surpassed the number of asylum applications registered by authorities in the country,  The same source showed that 22,990 asylum applications in Austria were registered in the first half of this year, accounting for […]

Austria and drink spiking!

During the summer, some well-known clubs and pubs will distribute information about the danger of drinks spiking with knockout drops. There will also be actions at music concerts. VIENNA. Last year, the 24-hour Women’s Emergency Hotline recorded a significant increase in consultations on knockout drops. For this reason, the city launched a broad campaign in […]

Some Austria History

Did you know: Since the territories referred to by the term ‘Austria’ underwent drastic changes over time, dealing with a little bit of Austrian history raises a number of questions, e.g., whether it is confined to the current or former Republic of Austria, or extends also to all lands formerly ruled by the rulers of […]

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