Austria and drink spiking!

Austria Drinks spiking

During the summer, some well-known clubs and pubs will distribute information about the danger of drinks spiking with knockout drops. There will also be actions at music concerts.

VIENNA. Last year, the 24-hour Women’s Emergency Hotline recorded a significant increase in consultations on knockout drops. For this reason, the city launched a broad campaign in November 2022 to raise awareness of the issue.

A cocktail at the club, a glass of wine at a home party or a drink with a new acquaintance – and suddenly headaches, dizziness and fatigue, set in. Hours later, the woman wakes up without memory of the previous hours. Her clothes are slipped, torn or missing. They discover evidence of sexual assault, such as hematomas or abdominal pain.

In the past year, the 24-hour Women’s Emergency Hotline has seen a significant increase in consultations about knockout drops. Therefore, the city launched a broad campaign in November 2022 to raise awareness.

Knockout drops are used more often than many think. But what is the right way to act if you overhear someone mixing knockout drops into a drink or suspect you have received some yourself? The city provides answers in the campaign “Nothing is O.K. with K.O.-drops.” And this will be intensified in the summer.

“With the campaign, we are saying clearly: violence against women has no place in our city. We look together and get help when someone needs support. So that all Viennese feel safe and comfortable in our city,” says Women’s City Councilor Kathrin Gaál (SPÖ).

“As the operator of a discotheque, we also have a responsibility towards our guests. Our staff looks very closely when it comes to the safety of our guests. Nevertheless, it is important to remain mindful and be there for each other – that is part of partying. That’s why we are very happy to support this campaign by the City of Vienna,” “Prater Dome” Managing Director Roger Pfister is quoted as saying.

From mid-July to early September, information material will be distributed in clubs, pubs, and concerts. Part of the campaign is, for example, “Prater Dome,” “Volksgarten,” “Flex,” “OH Club,” “Babenberger Passage,” “B72”, “Chelsea,” “Fluc Vienna” as well as the Ernst Happel Station. There will also be toilet posters and buttons.Help daily from 0-24 o’clock.
The 24-h women’s emergency hotline provides information dailyunder the number 01/ 71719.

Source: Austrian Press

Image- Pixabay

Austria and drink spiking!
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